Hawkscool Inventory

Asset is the part where one realize what are the thing that is in necessity for his industry’s or association’s better foundation and stock is the place that one figure out how one’s will spend the stock and cash in more productive and hopeful person way.
These two are those mainstays of your association’s structure that holds the half of the heaviness of it. Utilizing them in the effective way can make your association solid, in the event that anything turns out badly it will crumple.

Here at HawksCool, we offer you better and out of the crate like thoughts that will overhaul asset and stock of your associations stock fortify these two columns and never let you go down.
o Transactions related to purchase, issue transfer & write off of inventory
o Creating store
o Daily goods receipt / issue register
o Current Stock Position
o Storing supplier details
o Report generation.

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