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Mijireh Checkout:

Avoid the trouble and cost of security yields, SSL confirmations, and the different issues concerning PCI consistence. Allow us to deal with PCI consistence so you can focus on your business. Associations believe they have obtained PCI reliable structures, toward the day’s end have not. To the benefit a graph identifying a few the most surely understood breaks for each PCI need.

By far most infer that in case they have a SSL support (i.e. there’s a protected in the program) then they are PCI Compliant. Not honest to goodness. Did you understand that in case you have FTP access to your site, then you are thus blocked from being PCI Compliant (SAQ C). Also, if your database server is on an unclear machine from your web server (most are), you in like manner can’t easily get through the PCI test.

Why Mijireh?

85 Payment Gateways:Use any payment gateway you want, they are all built in for free. No need to buy add-ons and you can change gateways at any time.

Loads of Integrations: You can use Mijireh with virtual all WordPress e-commerce plugins as well as other platforms as well.

Save Money: Mijireh takes care of all the security and PCI compliance requirements for your e-commerce website.

Complete Customization: Your secure checkout page will look exactly like the rest of your site. Thanks to PageSlurp™ with a single click, we clone your site’s design on to your secure checkout page.

Increase Conversion: Statistics show that you get more sales if your customers are not bopping back and forth from hosted payment pages that look totally different from your site. Your Mijireh checkout page looks exactly like your site.

Peace of Mind: Relax knowing that your customer’s credit card information is safe behind, security scans, firewalls, two-factor authentication, isolated database, encrypted connections, real-time threat detection, and more.

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