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Microsoft SharePoint is a program based collaboration and report organization arrange from Microsoft. Microsoft’s substance organization framework. It licenses social affairs to set up a bound together, mystery key secured space for report sharing. Records can be secured, downloaded and changed, then exchanged for continued sharing. SharePoint is an electronic intranet that can upgrade your association’s sufficiency by streamlining the organization of and access to data. SharePoint is an endeavor information passage, from Microsoft, that can be organized to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet goals. SharePoint is a sort of sharing/blogging/wiki-style server that generally gives a back end to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer (SPD), some time back known as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, is a completed HTML article chief freeware addressed critical power in making or changing Microsoft SharePoint regions, work methods and site pages. It is a touch of Microsoft SharePoint social event of things. It was once in the past a touch of Microsoft Office 2007 family yet has never been joined into any of the Microsoft Office suites. SharePoint Designer 2013 was the last kind of this thing.

1. Support apps for Office. For more information.
2. Access Application Upgrade.
3. Download in Excel feature available for users to pivot Access tables.
4. With the improved Related Item Control, you can do the following:
• Choose from any existing view for the dialog box on the Related Item Control.
• Add a new item on the Related Item Control when the parent record isn’t saved.
• Turn off the Add link at the bottom of the Related Item Control.
5. The Cascading Combo box is now available in Access.

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